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Welcome to Tuttles!

We’re a 4th generation family owned and operated orchard on about 200 acres in the Indianapolis area.

Here’s a bit more about what we’re passionate about:

We grow a lot of quality stuff!  

We are currently growing over 40 acres of apples, 30 acres of veggies, 20 acres of pumpkins, 4 high tunnels, a lot of greenhouse plants in the spring.  We grow stuff around here 365 days a year!

We’re celebrating our 90th birthday!  

We’ve been around since 1928.  The 3rd and 4th generation of the Tuttle family (last name now Roney…still same family) are operating the orchard.  

We like to have people visit.  

We are open all year long.  We have an on-site farm store that has over 2000 products and a cafe & sweet shop that’s open all year.  We host lots and lots of tours and groups each year as well.

We love local!

If we can’t grow it we are all about partnering with someone else local who can.  We often carry other local produce in our Farm Store.  We also use meats from local farms in our Cafe & Grill.  We offers sweets and treats for 5+ Indiana bakeries and candy shops.



What makes Tuttles Unique?

Top Quality Produce:  Tuttles is known in central Indiana for growing top quality stuff.  We are committed to the old fashioned hard work and agricultural innovations it takes to grow award winning stuff.  See what we grow…

Family Fun & Events:  Tuttles is a favorite family apple picking and pumpkin patch destination every fall.   Check out all our family events and activities…


Award Winning Apples: Tuttles grows over 35 varieties of apples.  Our apples and cider have won statewide and national competitions.   See all our apples…


Fourth Generation Family Farm:  At Tuttles we are big on family!  Our family growing food for your family.  Your family coming to experience the orchard.


Year Round Farm Store: Our farm store is open all year and features not only our own produce, but also lots of produce and products from local farmers and artisans.  Visit our farm store…


Educational Tours: Over 10,000 people visit Tuttles each year to learn more about how we grow things, how we make our amazing apple cider, and so much more.  Schedule your group today…

Our Mission Statement

To be stewards of God’s blessing bestowed on our farm thereby providing a unique and quality experience for our staff and customers.  

Our Values

Family: As a family owned business, we promote a family friendly atmosphere on the farm and honor our staff’s families.

Quality: We provide quality products and services at affordable prices while maintaining a sustainable business and good quality of life for our staff.

Country Hospitality: We foster an old fashioned, hospitable, caring atmosphere for our staff and customers.

Forward Looking: We will honor the traditions and values of former generations and continue to invest in diversification and innovation to keep pace with our customers and agriculture.

Education: We believe in agricultural education and promote education of our staff and customers.

Christian Stewardship: We strive to honor God through ethical business practices, using our resources wisely, giving back to our community, and not pursuing profit at expense of our values.

The Family:


owner, 3rd generation, grower of flowers & veggies


tours, groups, and upick area

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4th generation, apple & cider production, mechanic

Ruth Ann

4th generation, retail, marketing


4th generation, Instagram, Snapchat


4th generation, merchandising, aesthetics

The Adopted Family:


office, totes, bookeeper


farm store


high tunnels, veggies, field crew


executive chef, food service


cider & apples


online store, wholesale